• There is a night and day difference between “hard seltzers" and HARD®

    Those that claim to be “hard” are seltzers mixed with some malt liquor at around 5% ABV.

    Huh? ...... 5% what??

    Barely something that you would consider “hard”

    Putting aside the malt liquor, whats the rest made of?


    Seltzer or "carbonated water" is just water and bubbles.. Nothing more.

    The HARD® TRUTH?

    seltzer is just a blank canvas for true artisans to paint a masterpiece upon.

    (If they cared enough to try)

    Inspired by You, Created for You ™

    HARD® is that masterpiece.

    HARD® is the soft drink replacement.

    HARD® is our brand name.

    The single most meticulously crafted beverages available….Anywhere!

    Oh..and by the way...

    HARD® is Caffeinated and enhanced with B-Vitamins.

    HARD® refers to an attitude, not the ABV.
    HARD® is about your mindset, not malt liquor.

    To compare others to HARD®

    would be like comparing water to champagne.

    Drink HARD® - Live HARD®

    -We would however like to thank those "hard" companies for spending all that money on marketing and promoting the HARD® brand name.-

  • First we must ask..

    What do "energy drinks" have in common?

    - Taurine

    - High Fructose Corn Syrup

    - Artificial Flavors

    - Artificial Colors

    - Artificial Stimulants

    - Anxiety and Heart Palpitations

    - And they taste like… _________

    The answer is a definitive No!

    HARD® is NOT an “energy drink”

  • HARD® is a family of

    Premium Crafted Caffeinated and Enhanced Sparkling Beverages.

    Yes, that is a mouthful... Just say HARD®

    HARD® gives the health-conscious consumer a dynamic alternative to coffee and energy drinks.

    Made with natural flavors, cane sugar, stevia, and enhanced with caffeine and B-Vitamins.

    HARD® is FREE of Taurine, corn syrup, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, or colors.

    HARD® is responsible, effective, invigorating, and crash free.... and without question, the best tasting drinks you will EVER have...Period!

  • In crafting a beverage from scratch, HARD® had at its disposal every sweetener and ingredient imaginable.

    Then why not use artificial sweeteners and flavors?

    In one word… Respect!

    It’s believed by many that the motivation to use artificial sweeteners and flavors by the global beverage giants is due to cost savings and a way to make their profits skyrocket.

    Artificial flavors and sweeteners are extremely cheap and the long term effects on the the body are very questionable.

    Please do your own research, but did you ever wonder why diabetes and many digestive issues run almost in sync with the use of those artificial ingredients over the last 20-30 years? (It definitely makes you wonder.)

    To the artificial sweeteners, flavors, and junk ….
    We say no thank you!

    At HARD® You're family!

    We respect you and want you to be with us for a very long time!

  • Let’s face it...Cane sugar tastes amazing when it comes to beverages.

    At HARD® we crafted our flavor profiles in a dynamically unique and exceptional way.

    By using our proprietary blend of cane sugar and stevia, we were able to maximize the mouthfeel and vibrant flavor you have dreamed of while simultaneously cutting calories by 15% - 20% compared to other beverages.

  • Coloring used by other beverage companies come from sources that may surprise you.
    Some of the coloring they use are artificial and some that they call “natural”

    We know artificial coloring is terrible for you, but did you know that some coloring called “natural” actually comes from insects?!

    Crushed bug shells may "technically" be “natural”, but do you really want that in your drink? 

    You’re right!... That is disgusting.

    That’s why at HARD®, we don’t use ANY coloring.

    Quality is not only what you put in, but also what you leave out!

    (As a bonus... You can worry less about spilling and staining your clothes.)

  • As you already know…. Seltzer is just water and bubbles. Club soda on the other hand is far more complex!

    A pristine balance of premium salts and bicarbonates transform carbonated water into HARD® CLUB, its crisp, bubbly and effervescent the way a sparkling Club should be!

    HARD® CLUB accentuates and opens up flavors in ways water and bubbles alone simply cant.

    Now add to that the benefits of Caffeine and B-Vitamins!

    Straight or mixed... HARD® CLUB is dynamically innovative and unmatched by every measure.

    To drive home the difference between seltzer vs. CLUB.

    Have you ever heard someone ask for a Scotch and Seltzer? (Neither have we)

  • Yes!

    Want caffeinated refreshment free of sugar or any sweeteners?

    HARD® CLUB is the choice for you!

  • From teens to your twilight years, If you can drink a cup of coffee, you can savor the unmatched flavor of HARD®

    Not in the mood for coffee?

    Don’t want the reckless energy drinks?

    HARD® is the smart and responsible choice.

    As the most meticulously crafted beverages on the planet HARD® delivers everything you could have ever wanted... and more!

  • One of the most important things for a developing and growing body is a good nights sleep. It's during sleep that the human body grows and recovers.

    It’s ultimately the decision of parents and guardians to decide if those in their care should enjoy HARD®

    HARD® is as safe as a premium brewed cup of coffee, but equally, we want the youth of today to get the proper rest needed for them to grow strong!

    If you're too young for a cup of coffee... you might have to wait... Sorry kiddo :(

    Don't worry, we’ll be here for you to enjoy when you’re ready for the “HARD® Experience”

  • Oh Yeah!

    Designed from the ground up, HARD® is the re-imagining of classic flavors. 

    Think of HARD® as “Classic Appeal…Ignited!”

    Enjoy HARD® as a stand-alone beverage or utilize HARD® as a premium and upgraded mixer to pair with premium spirits.

    All the HARD® flavors can be used the same as you would their familiar named predecessors.

    Now you can enjoy the overdue upgrade to your favorites, and create new and exciting HARD® cocktails, spritzers, and more.

    Check out our HARD® Mixology section and explore the possibilities!

    When you become a "HARD-TENDER" you are only limited by your imagination and creativity.

  • Tonic Water gets its unique flavor from Quinine, a natural extract from the Cinchona tree family.

    Unfortunately most beverage companies use artifical flavors, and that just doesnt come close, neither in taste nor quality.

    HARD® Tonic uses only ultra quality real Quinine.

    Crafted with precision and attention to every detail, HARD® delivers the perfect balance of bitter and sweet to produce the best tasting Tonic cocktails ever!

    Daddy would be so proud!

  • Caffeine can mask the effects of alcohol consumption, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that alcohol and caffeine together are dangerous.

    People have been drinking “Irish Coffee” (whiskey and coffee) for generations.

    There are many people who care about you, and you have a lifetime of experiences and memories ahead of you to create.

    Be responsible, stay safe, and keep others safe as well!

    If you're driving, skip the cocktail and grab a cold can of any HARD® flavor you desire and enjoy yourself!

    To "Live HARD®“ is about experiencing a long, healthy, vibrant life filled with passion and purpose!

    Live Smart - Live HARD®

    Drink HARD® - Drive Safe


    Always be responsible when consuming alcohol of any kind and do not operate motor vehicles or machinery.